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Some of the guitars played by David
on the Growing Up Live tour

Frudua is an Italian company.  David has said he likes Frudua guitars for their simplicity, and he used two custom-built Fruduas on the last tour.

The Fender Jazzmaster is best known as the "surf guitar" and is well-known
for being played on 50s and 60s California rock music.

Peter Gabriel's website lists Fernandes guitars on David's gear list.  I think he uses the Monterey (pictured above), but I haven't yet confirmed that. 
Their wonderful (but flash-heavy) website is http://www.fernandesguitars.com/.

The Gibson Les Paul is a classic - it has been around almost forever.

The Neptune Baritone is lower in tone, and has an slightly offbeat look.  The cutaway at the base of the neck allows the guitarist to reach the entire fretboard easily.


David has played Steinbergers for years. Funny that the Gabriel website doesn't list it in his gear. These days, David plays custom-made instruments made by the original Steinbergers - they're 12-string models.  He says they hold their tuning very well.

The Trussart steel guitar.  One of the more unusual-looking guitars out there. "It has a perforated top and back that eliminates the sound waves' tendency to get trapped inside the guitar. The sustain on James Trussart guitars is unbelievable, the steel body just keep the notes hanging on with rich harmonics." 
http://www.jamestrussart.com/models.html .

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