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Thanks for all of your entries!

The answers were as follows:

1. Name three guitars David used on the Growing Up Live tour.
Any three of the following would suffice: Trussart, Steinberger, Frudua, Fernandes, Fender Jazzmaster, Gibson Les Paul or Neptune Baritone.

2. What year did Random Hold form?
1978 (1979 was also accepted as a correct answer).

3. David and Akira Inoue contributed a song to a film last year. What was the name of the film?
Host Town.

4. What was the first Peter Gabriel album David played on?
PG3 and Melt were both acceptable answers.

5. With what British singer did David appear this past May?
Robert Plant.

6. Name the song David wrote for the Italian film "L'Uomo Perfetto".
"Love Can Make You Do Some Really Horrible Things" (also accepted was "Love Can Make You Do Some Really, Truly, Laughably Stupid, Foolishly Horrible Things").

7. What city was David born in?
London, England.

8. For what video game did David write the soundtrack?
Atlantis 3 and/or Beyond Atlantis were acceptable answers.

9. Name two bands that David has toured with (not including Peter Gabriel's band).
Talk Talk, Random Hold, Japan, Blancmange, Franco Battiato, Robert Plant and the Strange Sensation, France Gall and Tim Finn were all acceptable answers.

10. What song did David add to the compilation "Plus From Us"?

"Down By The River"
[No bonus points given to the Saturday Night Live fan who volunteered "(In a Van) Down By The River"!]

The winner, as chosen by David (he picked a number out of our virtual hat), is Abi O'Connell from Maidstone, Kent. Congratulations! Your autographed dr.org postcard should be with you shortly!

If you enjoyed the contest and would like to see more of this type of competition in the future, please drop us a line at webmaster@davidrhodes.org and make your feelings known. If there's enough demand, we'll certainly do another one soon!

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