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In 2001, David struck out in a new direction, writing a score for a video game. In Europe, it was entitled "Atlantis 3", in America, it went by "Beyond Atlantis 2". Whatever it was called, many reviews made note of the unique music within the game.

From www.justadventure.com: "The musical score by David Rhodes...is exceptional. Rich and varied as the graphics are, the music really helps create a series of vivid moods. This is particularly evident during a cave scene, when the score echoes the whispers of long-lost Siberian hunters."

What do long-lost Siberian hunters sound like? No one can know for sure (they're lost!), but some guess it might be something like this.

The reviewer from Adventureland, who, aside from inadvertently rechristening Mr. Rhodes, seemed to enjoy the music, wrote: "The wind blows and the water ripples, fire flickers, the grass is soft, and the indigenous wildlife is varied and unusual (we particularly like the inclusion of the charging wooly mammoth and the now extinct saber-toothed tiger!), and all with perfect background music by Daniel Rhodes that adds much to the mood and enjoyment of the game."

What kind of background music could accompany a woolly mammoth? Perhaps this might fit the bill!

A mixed review here, but in one respect, we think he was spot on: "The musical score is marvellous. Not muzak, but separate musical compositions that have a definite beginning and end. They complement many of the locations, helping to build and enhance the mood and tone. I often turn the music right down so that it is just in the background to kill the silence. In this game, I had it turned up and enjoyed many pieces in their own right." How many video games can you say that about?

Here's a tune from the score that's enjoyable in its own right, even without Siberian hunters, woolly mammoths or strange and interesting puzzles to solve.

All music © 2001 David Rhodes
Used with kind permission of the author


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